A Winning Strategy Audience Q&A

Date and Time:
Saturday, October 31, 10:00AM-10:300AM (Boulevard room, Hilton Chicago)

Notes from Conference Participants:

Dewitt – There would never be a break on my agenda – empowered people who go to the bathroom whenever they want to – no politician who can only talk for 10 minutes – we all know that – running a bit late. Quick question or minute statement.

Rachel D – Cleveland OH – Medicare – hearing a lot about intersectionality – hear comments about why that’s so important right now?

Dennis – nurse in Chi NNU – friendly disagreement – not sure they are confused – takes a lot of money from the one percent – need organizing focus on independence from both parties. Dem gov – cut pensions of state workers – I feel that we should talk about independence from both parties – make sure that BS – unfortunate that he’s

Chris Low – Oregon – tension between building the movement over the long term and idea that pres campaign is a SM – thought that about Obama, but saw that fizzle – also with Jesse Jackson – I don’t hear Bernie organizing us as a SM that takes us past the election – my position is to cheer on Bernie, but I’m not working for him - -how do we make him a SM not just a pol campaign.

Marsh S. HC FA Washington – Jim M – hearing about how pol our movement needs to become – how effective is he – how many co sponsor – what is he doing to do more—are they really working for us or for their bill

D. C – historical note – on back ground – turmoil in 1930s and 60s in dem part – I’m supporting Bernie – but also believe that need to be organized for after

Bev. Alves – Messaging is so important – very rural and cons. Upstate NY – if I say SP they think I’m screwy – but if I say medical equality they agree.

Marilyn CA / OH – proposal – slogan of New SCRM – how black lives matter in very specific ways that will help build our movement – help BS campaign – how black lives matter in terms of HC and med. Health disparities, incarceration, Black Lives Matter in terms of HC.

Martha Cole – NNU national treasurer – Myth of BS being not electable – he is truly challengeable – use this moment to get our word out – that Medicare should be a right – protection could be a climate – we can create a movement around it – we need to be there to do that too.

Maria OR – inequality of HC for many people – community health workers on front line with those people – started when we had meeting in TN – concentrated in one state and gained that state and then we can go forward. Concentrate our forces and our energy in one place.

Social worker form MASS – not endorse candidate – fight for 15 – backed by SEIU – Film – HC highlighted 3 or 4 times – others weren’t look at our relationship with dem party

Social Worker PENN – Bob – how we can gain support from labor – lip service but that’s all.

ML – Intersectionality is a very key concept – in terms of HC – SES is the most determinate indicator of health. – intersects with race and gender—we all have a stake in the outcome and organizing. That is crucial to our movement – someone – want to be in coalition with single issue SP groups – my question is why? We are not going to win Medicare for all unless we also take our country back from Wall Street and we work with BLM – I’m not claiming that the sanders campaign is a SM – but those that organize around it can movement build. The notion that Bernie can’t win – they want to demobilize you – they don’t know – has much better chance of taking it on – what’s a corporate dem gonna say about the inequality that has occurred over the past 7 years? And yes he says he is a dem socialist which is in itself a revolution. This is a tactical question - -B has made tactical choice to run in dem party – we have to make a strategic choice to organize around it.

MD – can’t say much more – we were in a project to build ind. Pol. Party and still committed to that – mobilizing new generation of labor leaders and activists – 10s of thousands in labor for Bernie – Ind. Working class party and movement. Informal get together of Labor for Bernie at close of conference.

Dewitt – one of my dearest friends – WI AFLCIO – steering comm LCSP

David – All of us are activists and progressives of one shade or another – all progressive issues are connected – issue of framing for this conference – issue that intersects most importantly with HC is the Trans Pacific Partnership – in secret – text is classified – finished negotiations at beginning of Oct. – still have not released text – don’t know when it will be voted on – affect US and our ability to launch effective SP program and implement it – trade agreements – corporate attempt to harmonize – corporations control world economy through regulations – 3 to 4 issues – drugs and pharma – through the intellectual property sections – they want to extend patents on brand name drugs to prevent generics – means death for poor people because they can’t afford the drugs – the US is pushing that position because the Pharma industry is at the table while people are excluded. 2 – investor state dispute settlement system – legal system that transcends public legal systems – foreign corporations take disputes to panel of corporate lawyers – sue governments – reduction of expected profits. Can sue govt for damages – could mean that if we passed SP – corps could use this supra legal system to exact compensation or force state to rescind program – have to defeat TPP. New admin will determine whether this is passed.

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