Framing Questions For The Conference

Date and Time:
Saturday, October 31, 9:10AM-9:25AM (Boulevard room, Hilton Chicago)

Presenters: Mark Dudzic, Labor Campaign for Single Payer Healthcare; Donna Smith, Health Care for All Colorado.

Notes from Conference Participants:

MD – great to be here – great opening. Very unique conf – joint planning process with 3 principle orgs – anybody who has done these things knows it can be kind of difficult to put things together – conf that unites the SP movement and develop strategic direction – this moment and future moments

1 – our fight is a fight against Med Ind. Complex – not fight of solution – we all know – Pres. Obama knew this but claimed d that pol wouldn’t allow it – our job is to organize a movement against corporate power.

2 – Conf. of organizers – in the trenches – how to overcome this huge challenge – many of the solutions are here in this room – other organizers have encountered the same problems – not a conf of cheer leading – but grapple with the hard issues

3 – move out of our cilos and share our experiences – joint and more unified strategy to move forward.

5 questions – every one address

D.S. – also find on page 4 of program booklet – make some notes of things that relate back to questions – come out with strategy to move forward – OPS would not have existed without PDA and Tim Carpenter. OPS is coalition of people from around the country who gather monthly on conf calls.

1. We win when we build a social movement. – how can we intersect with broader social movements – NNU tremendous job of building a social movement.

2 – ACA – currently what are the most imp aspects for our movement and how do we address them in our work? Has been positive for some.

3 – Roots at state level to reignite national movement – what will it take to move state campaigns to victory. Colorado.

4 – National elections – major opportunity and challenges – 2016 – where we fit in that process – not just pres politics that affect them – less than other elected positions – also look at congressional cand.

5 – current HCS reproduces inequities – how can we confront those inequities – this room is still too white – not doing a great job – we must do better. As we move forward. Come see Fix It – and happy Halloween.

—- Thank you Donna – you might not consider yourself and organizer – but we are all organizers – (many raise hands) – debating affordable care act – I think in unions we start with the very top, the very best – he said – I never thought about that – we are smarter than they are. Our job as organizers is to make them aware of it. Now movement action planning – Ben Day with HCN – let’s give the people that plan this a big round of applause.

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