Organizing Students and Youth For Healthcare Justice

Date and Time:
Saturday, October 31, 1:05PM-2:05PM [this workshop was actually at 2:15]

Facilitator: Troy Neves, United Students Against Sweatshops

Description: With a few notable exceptions, the single-payer movement has rarely connected with the concerns of students and youth, yet the organizing potential among this constituency is enormous. This workshop will look at the unique issues faced by young people in healthcare and how to broaden our movement to students and youth as well as some helpful dos and don’ts.

Notes from Conference Participants:

What students want:
- a task – a specific ask, including: what to do, time aspects, when and where, what the achievable goal is
- leadership opportunities – build up to it
- to see there’s a plan to win
- mentors; 1-on-1 relationships

Things to talk about
- disparities
- connect to student debt: at 26 you might need to choose between paying for health insurance or paying off student debt

Not clear how to build an infrastructure that doesn’t disappear when students move on

Ways to get in on college/university campuses
- office of civic engagement/student affairs/community services – get on their listserv, or put you in touch with students
- attend event on campus – table, engage, follow-up
- look on college website for activist student groups

Other tips:
- provide food/coffee
- share stories
- use FB and email
- create a space for questions

Slideshows, Photos, and Video:

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