Single-Payer and the Movements for Racial Equity and Immigrant Justice

Date and Time:
Saturday, October 31, 4:35PM-5:25PM (Boulevard room, Hilton Chicago)

Facilitator: Pilar Schiavo, Campaign for a Healthy California

Presenters: Betzabel Estudillo, California Immigrant Policy Center; Pancho Argüelles, Living Hope Wheelchair Association (Texas).

Notes from Conference Participants:

Pilar Schiavo – CNA andNNU. Campaign for Health CA – Todays plenary – I’m stepping in for Dr. Paul Song – not a Doctor – Plennary is an important topic for us to talk about in our movement – this room is a little too white – that continues to be an issue in our movement – challenge to figure out if we are going to win this – not some people in and some people out is it (Everybody In, Nobody Out) – need to have our walk match what our words are saying. We are not always really great about talking about disparities around people of color, different economic divides – want to talk about today. Betsey E up first – supporting HC for All campaign – expand to undocumented.

Besty E – Really exciting to be able to partner – share about my story – I was really nervous (racism and discrimination) – it’s a lot to carry as a person of color to talk about racism and discrimination – talking to an audience of mostly white folks – scary, frustrating and brings up a lot of responsibility — not gonna be easy for many of you to hear what I’m gonna say – if it makes you uncomfortable then I’m doing my job – uncomfortable to talk about white supremacy

Personal story – came when 3 years old – parents came here – 1990s – didn’t really realize what it meant to be undocumented – started organizing very young – 2001 / 2002 – dreamers – education equity – instate tuition – came out of the immigrant rights movement – new to health – experienced what it was like not to have access to HC – (mom / Parkinson’s) – detrimental consequence to my family – CIPC – state wide org in CA – advocates on behalf of CA immigrants. Technical assistance – org with coalitions. Work from ground up – no policy without input of immigrant community – Historical look into what HC for people of color has looked like. Hippocrates – father of western med – from magic to modern medicine – illnesses where caused naturally – He built upon idea of biological differences between whites and people of color – differences were assumed to be biological and used to support belief in white superiority – colonial era – experiments on slaves – seen as profitable – physicians bought slaves to do experiments – very documented – continued to happen even today with lack of hc access. In 1932 – Tuskegee syphilis study (explains study). What we saw with this study – black bodies were seen as disposable – not told of patient rights – what the procedures would look like – treated as animals. During early 1900s – sterilization of women of color. Unknowingly sterilized – aimed at population control – many Spanish speaking immigrants. Huge law suit – didn’t win – CA continues to deny this. During the 1940’s – bracero program – b/t US and Mexico – shortage of labor WW2 – 4 million Mexicans – physical exam to check for TB and diseases and had to take chemical bath.

Today – US HCS – thrives under racism and discrimination – HC depends on imm. Status – where you live – etc. Zip code and income really matter. Lack of data – important to understand health equity.

2 cases – 1 – Little Italy Baltimore same infant mortality as Nicaragua

2 – Life expectancy in CA

South LA – HC desert – no hospitals or community health centers – MLK hospital –

Now we are in this post ACA – promise of ACA – everyone access – affordable – no longer denied – people of color represent 60 percent. We rep 60 percent but we are 75 percent of uninsured.

Failings of the ACA – immigrants don’t see HC as human right – see it as a privilege.

Health for all work in CA – great steps for immigrants – Undocumented can access Driver’s license. Passed protections for workers. Expanded Medicaid to undocumented children.

Undocucaravan – leading with immigrant rights perspective – built from ground up – undocumented comm at the front – at the table discussing strategy – was really important to engage the immigrant comm. traveled throughout our state – comm forum or dialogue. Important to lift immigrant voices.

Living Hope – Pancho – honor to be in this panel – Ask people to take risks.

Slideshows, Photos, and Video:

Slideshow from Betzabel Estudillo's plenary presentation "Addressing Racism and Discrimination to Improve Health Outcomes in Immigrants and Communities of Color":

Download "Undocumented & Uninsured" - The handout provided during this session.

Video of Pancho Argüelles, Executive Director, Living Hope Wheelchair Association (who presented to the conference via Skype!):

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