Small Group Strategy Sessions: Answering the Framing Questions for a Winning Strategy

Date and Time:
Saturday, November 1, 9:00AM-10:30AM (Boulevard room, Hilton Chicago)

Facilitator: John Lozier, National Healthcare for the Homeless Council

Notes from Conference Participants:

Building a social movement
Reposition: We’re not the SP wing of the health care reform movement; we’re the health care wing of the social justice movement

Concrete steps:
- Look at what’s hot in your community and build relationships
- Set up dialogue with leaders of grassroots movements
- Join a broader movement, like Reclaim Chicago

Addressing the ACA
Don’t dump on ACA qua ACA, but point out things that still need to be addressed, such as
- OOP expenses
- Cost-shifting to employees
- Limited networks

Need to more broadly define health care, starting with social services, housing, environmental justice

Moving state campaigns to victory
Start by persuading SP advocates that state campaigns matter
Redefine “victory” as moving in stages, getting media recognition
Need money to hire organizers, run ads
Have a bill with specifics
Do an economic analysis

How can we use the 2016 election cycle
Use the Bernie campaign to activate the base (and maybe to move Hilary’s position)
Fight for candidates in states where Medicaid expansion is a point of contention
Encourage SP groups to get involved in election – even 501(c)3 orgs can do educations with, say, a candidate scorecard, and can do voter registration

Confronting inequities in our work and organizations
Talk more about health care disparities and the social determinants of health – health (not just health care) for all
Be explicit about financial barriers to care being greater for people with less money (duh)
Engage with youth on campuses (see workshop above)

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